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Scrap Recycling

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Since its formation in 1989, The Recyclers has, as the name suggests, been dedicated to finding ways to help our environment through the best methods of scrap recycling. We have earned a reputation for our success in being able to recycle as much as 70 percent of the refuse we collect from our Eugene, OR, neighbors.

Scrap recycling, which is a service we offer our clients, typically involves finding ways to reuse or repurpose the items we collect. In that vein, we have established solid relationships with Eugene area charities that are experts in finding new ways to use the unwanted items of others.

• Bicycles
• Appliances
• Sinks
• Play Structures
• Lawn Chairs
• Bed Frames

We also seek out recyclers who will use the scrap metal or other items in an environmentally friendly recycling process. It wouldn’t satisfy our purposes to send the scrap to someone who would use it in a process that just creates more pollution, so all our recyclers are completely vetted for quality and their green credentials.

Our priorities are always to exceed your expectations and earn your complete satisfaction. We also are determined to reduce the amount of scrap that winds up in our landfills. So we can work together and achieve a cleaner Eugene that will benefit us all.

That trash that is clogging up your yard, garage, shed, or commercial building may be treasure to others. Contact us and let us help you make that mess disappear with the aid of scrap recycling. We can make a positive difference to the environment in the process of removing your trash, so everyone wins.

Contact The Recyclers today and let us handle the scrap recycling of your “junk” for you. Remember our slogan: Don’t Toss It. Recycle It.

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